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If you want to learn to drive with accredited and experienced driving instructors who believe in delivering safe and effective driving techniques to clients, then Aussie Driving Academy is the right choice. Having a learning experience at Aussie Driving Academy would mean that you would be trained to drive with confidence and expertise and learn about all the manoeuvres which make a well rounded driver.



We operate 7 days a week in Adelaide CBD and surroundings, Northern, Eastern and Western suburbs.



We start with an analysis of your driving ability to gauge what areas need the greatest improvement and how your driving weaknesses can be turned into strengths. The range of lessons offered is flexible and differentiated to meet the needs of clients whether they are beginners or have a higher level of expertise in driving.



  • P’s (Provisional License)

  • Overseas License Conversion

  • CBT&A (Competency Based Training and Assessment)

  • Refresher lessons

  • VORT (Vehicle On Road Test)

We may charge extra surcharge up to 30% extra for weekend only lessons/services depending upon distance travelled and other relevant parameters.

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#CBT&A and VORT Lessons Elizabeth

Completed all your 75 hrs supervised driving? Try a Full day Training with a VORT Test at the End of the Day or why not split it over 2 days. Free Re-Test (TEST ONLY) i...
1 Day Lesson+VORT Express Pack
6 hr
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